Marquette Living

Photo: Christen Leppla

Home of Northern Michigan University, Marquette  is the largest city in the state’s Upper Peninsula, with a population just over 20,000, and sits on the southern shore of Lake Superior. Forbes has designated Marquette as a Top 10 Best Small City for Raising a Family, and CNN Money has placed our community as one of the nation’s best for retirement. Outdoor Life ranks Marquette high on its list of “Top 200 Towns for Sportsmen,” and The League of American Bicyclists ranks the town as a Bike Friendly Community at its silver level.

Graduate students enjoy plenty of affordable housing within walking distance from campus.  Marquette also boasts a thriving downtown, which offers multiple small batch breweries, two bookstores, a variety of restaurants, a vibrant food co-op, and a weekly Farmer’s Market.

Photo: Matt Weinkam

Marquette’s many trails are ideal for hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. The city maintains an exceptional bike path for walking, jogging and biking, as well as outdoor ice rinks in the cooler months. The U.P. provides opportunities for forays into untouched wilderness with the North Country Trail, a strong hunting culture and multiple protected public lands (including the Keweenaw Peninsula, Painted Rocks National Lake Shore, and multiple national forests and sprawling state parks).







Still heavily influenced by its early Finnish settlers and its iron mining history, Marquette residents celebrate their saunas, pasties, ore docks and snow plows. Winter here is not for the faint of heart, but Marquette’s summer is the stuff of dreams with miles of sand beaches and plenty of sunny, warm days.

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