Featured Courses

Fall 2014:

Islam and the West: In Mind and Form    (Greenberg)
This class explores how literature and arts can be an effective medium for thinking and writing critically about Islam and the West and the role of narrative in the war formally known as the Global War on Terror.

American Environmental Literature and Ecocriticism (Hamilton)
This course considers the relationship between American literature and environmental perspectives, exploring how literary interpretations of the land and animals have reflected and shaped attitudes and values.

Book Reviewing (Reed)
Students study a variety of book review venues and practice creating their own reviews of various lengths throughout the semester. The course is designed such that all student work should be suitable for eventual publication.

American Literature in the Genomic Age   (Larkin)
This class studies contemporary narratives that integrate the work of social scientist and humanists with an eye toward how they represent biological inheritance, medical ethics, genomic research, and contemporary attitudes about race and gender. Students pay special attention to how questions of narrative ethics—who can tell whose story to whom—overlap with questions of medical and scientific ethics—who can study whose body parts and for whom?

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