Department Coordination

RayRay Ventre
Department Head and Professor
B.A., Providence College PhD, Brown University

Ray Ventre came to Northern Michigan in 1979 after two years as the English Consultant for the Civic Education Project at Carnegie-Mellon University, where he developed curricular materials and trained teachers in implementing the Kohlbergian stages of cognitive moral development in the classroom. While at Northern Michigan University, he also incorporated those concepts into the associates degree programs he helped to develop at Marquette Branch Prison. He has served in a variety of administrative roles, but his first love is teaching, from remedial and technical composition to various introductions and surveys of literature, as well as his areas of specialization. He has presented papers and published articles on curriculum development and implementation, cognitive moral development, and various literary figures. Currently, he is working on the incorporation of web technology into the teaching of literature. One of his favorite articles, Gerard Manley Hopkins’ dark sonnets, was featured in the fall 2000 issue of ANQ. Dr. Ventre’s teaching specialties include Victorian Poetry & Literature, Early Twentieth Century British Literature, Nineteenth Century American Literature, Early Twentieth Century American Literature, and Remedial and Technical Writing.


The English Department is supported by principal secretaries Lori Rintala  ( and Angela Rasmussen (


Laura Soldner Director of Composition,
Russ Prather Director of Master of Arts program,
Jen Howard Director of Master of Fine Arts program,

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